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Interview with Bernd Gibson in Ali Bagley's Show on Big EAR Radio

It was a great pleasure to be interviewed by Ali Bagley, my fellow Emotional Geographer and Business Writer Coach. If anybody knows my upcoming book 'The Immersive Theatre of Learning' almost as much as I do, it is her, because she edited it.

She also helped me tremendously to get the writing process started, and more importantly to finish the book.

The book will be out soon and introduce readers to the various stages - yes stages as in theatre - of learning. Some of the things discussed in this book: Learnscaping, Storyliving and Learning Experiences as Rehearsals for Life.

Immersive Theatre is one of the big trends in the Experience Economy. And Learning Experiences are forms of Immersive Theatre in the Transformation Economy.

Here's a link to the show.

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